Target 100 is Southern Water’s industry-leading water demand reduction programme. It is critical to changing how customers understand and value water. Southern Water is working collaboratively with its consumers, stakeholders and regulators to achieve real change. It aims to reduce average consumption to 100 litres by 2040 whilst at the same time reduce leakage by 15% by 2025 and 40% by 2040.

Advizzo is delighted to have been invited to deliver a Behavioural Water Efficiency Programme experiment to support the Target 100 program. During the programme Southern Water will trial the use of Advizzo’s platform and customer engagement solution to obtain more information and data about customers, their households and water consumption, and to understand which levers have the most impact and generate the greatest efficiencies and water savings.

Southern Water’s work with customers to help them achieve 100 litres, per person, per day will be achieved through encouraging lifestyle and behaviour changes with customers, providing them with the necessary tools to help adopt a water-efficient culture. They will be supported through: :

  • Customer facing awareness campaigns that encourage simple behaviour changes to encourage water efficiency around the home, while also educating about water scarcity in the South East and why we all need to save more water. Providing smart meter technology so customers can track their use in near real-time along with customised actions to promote efficient behaviour. Home visits – delivering 10,000 visits per year to provide advice and water saving products to high consumption households , and help detect leaks in customers’ homes.
  • Rolling out an education programme to 214,256 young people by end of 24/25 academic year across 591 schools that teaches children about the value of water and how they can be water-smart and save more around the home. Customer contact – Spending more than £3 million to better understand our customers’ use and proactively engage with them when it changes. Incentives – Providing around £3 million in tailored incentive programmes for customers.

Terry Shane, Head of T100 program Southern Water commented, “Target 100 is the next step in our journey to ensure we continue to build a water resilient future for the South East. It is a new way of thinking about demand management and is our commitment to our customers. We’ll encourage, support and incentivise customers to understand the value of the water they use to help us protect and improve the environments that we know customers value so much. At the same time we’ll invest in new and innovative ways of finding and fixing leaks. We have invested significantly to reduce leakage and have been recognised as one of the best in the sector.”