The introduction of smart meters in the energy sector has been hailed as a game-changer, with significant benefits predicted for consumers and small businesses. In 2019 the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero (DESNZ) predicted that the UK’s smart meter rollout could generate £19.5 billion in savings for consumers and small businesses.1 However, recent findings from a study conducted by the Behavioural Insights Team on behalf of the DESNZ, have revealed even more promising results. Smart meters are now shown to have a greater impact on energy consumption than initially anticipated by the government – with reductions of 3.43% for electricity and 2.97% for gas.2

Despite these positive outcomes, the rollout of smart meters is behind schedule, with only 57% of homes (32 million) having a smart meter. The Head of the National Audit Office, Gareth Davies has stressed the urgency for DESNZ to collaborate with suppliers to accelerate the smart meter rollout. He commented, “DESNZ must now work with suppliers to get the programme on track, for the benefit of millions of consumers and small businesses and government’s wider environmental goals.”

The key to success: engaging customer through behavioural science

To ensure the successful adoption of smart meters, it is essential for energy suppliers to improve their customer engagement. It has been proven that utilising smart meter data to provide customers with energy insights encourages customers to use less energy. However, many utility companies have yet to implement customer engagement programmes.  

At Advizzo, we specialise in utilising the power of behavioural science and data science to create unique customer engagement solutions that empower energy and water consumers to under their usage better and motivate them to make positive changes. By fostering increased interaction with customers, we build confidence and trust – crucial factors for suppliers seeking to encourage smart meter conversion. You can read more about customer engagement in our blog – Engaging with customers through a time of crisis – lessons from lockdown.

Our approach includes powerful techniques, such as presenting customers with personalised consumption comparisons to similar households in their neighbourhood who have successfully reduced their consumption and bills through smart meter adoption. These persuasive messages play a pivotal role in encouraging customers to embrace smart meters. 

Our platform and customer engagement solutions serve as the perfect channel for energy suppliers to educate and inform their customers about the numerous advantages of smart meters, such as eliminating the need for manual meter readings, ensuring more accurate bills and promoting reduced energy consumption. Frequently asked questions about smart meters can also be addressed, providing customers with peace of mind regarding the installation process, data security and other concerns. 

Recognising that financial incentives alone may not be sufficient to drive customer behaviour, utility companies are increasingly turning to behavioural science principles in their marketing strategies. Understanding the motivations and psychological drivers of customers is crucial for encouraging energy conservation and smart meter adoption. Find out why many utilities are now embracing behavioural science to enhance customer engagement. 

Seamless integration: Advizzo’s ‘plug and play’ solution

The good news is, you don’t need to invest time and resources in developing your behavioural and data science based customer engagement solution. We offer a ‘plug and play’ solution that ensures a hassle-free implementation process, making it an absolute no-brainer for energy suppliers seeking to enhance customer engagement and drive smart meter adoption. Discover why our ‘plug and play’ solution is a no brainer

If you are looking to boost your smart meter rollout and drive meaningful behavioural changes among your customers, contact us today. Learn how easy it is to kick start a successful customer engagement programme that will revolutionise your smart meter rollout.

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