Many of the water and energy suppliers that we speak to assume that our customer engagement solutions require smart meter data. Our solutions are designed to empower customers towards more sustainable behaviors and consumption habits – relating to water, gas and/or electricity. And whilst the data from smart meters provides a level of granularity that can be used to track changes in consumption over time and tackle high and abnormal consumption patterns, the good news for suppliers is, we can run behavioralprogrammes and achieve behavioral changes even when smart meter data isn’t available.

Powering on – without smart meter data 

There are still many homes that don’t have a smart meter. That might be down to the personal preference of the homeowner or because the smart meter roll-out program has stalled due to Covid. There are also homes and buildings where it’s simply not physically possible to install a smart meter. But that doesn’t mean customers without a smart meter have to be excluded from a customer engagement program like ours. We can still engage with customers and initiate behavior change to reduce consumption – even when there’s no smart meter data. 

Here’s how Advizzo’s customer engagement solutions can power-on without smart meter data…

  • Use other methods to obtain more frequent data reads – Our solutions are based on data science and behavioral science, which require data. So when there’s no smart meter data available, we can introduce other ways of obtaining more frequent meter reads. One such method is for customers to take a photo of their meter reading and upload it via your Advizzo-powered MyAccount portal. This functionality is integrated into our data platform. It enables suppliers to collect regular meter reads and track usage reduction, whilst minimizing the risk of fraud and improving billing accuracy. 
  • Augment and enrich existing data – The more data available, the more information and insights we have about individual customers and their homes. We can enrich the data relating to an individual home with relevant and accessible third party data, as well as information a customer provides when they complete our home audit. According to our most recent survey – 90% of households completed our MyAccount online home audit. The home audit is a bespoke survey relating to an individual’s home and consumption habits. We use the information to enhance the personalized insights, tips and advice. Discover the power of the home audit. Find out how our home survey can generate more accurate bills for water customers
  • Tailor messages for individual households – A lot of the success of our customer engagement solutions derive from the fact that communications with customers are personalized. There’s no blanket or one size fits all approach here. Our neighbor comparison algorithm, for example, identifies homes that are consuming more energy or water than similar homes within the neighborhood – and notifies them of their abnormal consumption and encourages them to take action to reduce it. We help you deliver tailored tips, insights and advice that are appropriate to the household at the appropriate time. Discover the power of the nudge in driving behavioral change.

How are you engaging with your customers to drive sustainable behavioral changes to lower their consumption? Advizzo’s SaaS customer engagement solution is both faster and cheaper to run than traditional solutions and than building in-house – which enables both increased agility and cost to serve reductions. You can read more about this in our Build Versus Buy blog. At the same time our Business Analytics platform empowers suppliers by providing a holistic view of how portfolio consumption and customer engagement evolves over time – via one portal that tracks engagement and behavior change. This is critical to decision making, future forecasting and strategic growth, as well as regulatory reporting. 

Get in touch today to find out how we can help drive sustainable behavior changes – even without smart meter data!