In today’s world, the urgency to address climate change and reduce carbon emissions has reached critical levels. As part of this global effort, energy and water companies across the globe can play a crucial role in helping their customers achieve their Net-Zero ambitions. By adopting innovative strategies and leveraging the power of behavioural science, energy and water companies can encourage sustainable practices and empower their customers to make a positive impact on the environment. In this blog post we’ll explore three ways that we can help suppliers bring their customers’ net zero ambitions to life. 

  1. Tailored engagement – harnessing behavioural science

One of the most effective ways to drive change is through tailored engagement. Energy and water companies can utilise our behavioural science based customer engagement platform and solutions to encourage their customers to reduce their energy and water consumption. This approach is particularly crucial for water companies who are now being measured on their customer service as well as their ability to reduce water usage and leaks without causing negative impact on customers’ well being.  

By understanding customer behaviour and preferences we deliver personalised communications that really resonate with customers. This tailored approach not only raises awareness of challenges, but also motivates customers to take the selected meaningful actions relevant to them to reduce their environmental footprint. 

  1. By helping customers convert to more sustainable technologies 

Transitioning to more sustainable technologies is a vital step towards achieving net-zero goals. Customers can make a significant impact by adopting technologies such as heat pumps, smart meters, solar panels and battery solutions, or Electric Vehicles. Energy and water companies have the power to facilitate this transition by providing clear and persuasive information and advice as well as enabling the collection of relevant user feedback. 

By incorporating behavioural science principles into communications with customers, suppliers can increase open and click-through rates significantly. Industry standard open rates of 45% and click-through rates of 5%1 cannot match the impressive results we consistently achieve through our targeted and persuasive messaging – with open rates of up to 80% and click-through rates of up to 30%. These high engagement rates drastically reduce conversion efforts and costs and demonstrate the power of effective communication in inspiring customers to embrace sustainable technologies and reduce their carbon footprint.

  1. By motivating and giving feedback to customers

Motivation and rewards play a pivotal role in driving behavioural change. Energy and water companies can work with us to design customer engagement programs that motivate individuals to adopt more sustainable habits and reduce consumption. This can be achieved through customised advice, tips and feedback that really resonates with a customer’s specific needs. 

Our solutions include two-way communication channels that allow customers to share information about their homes and habits, enabling us to further tailor our messaging. This ensures that the information and advice we’re providing remains relevant and compelling. At the same time we incentivise customers with feedback based on desired outcomes, such as reduced consumption and lower bills. 

People would not expect their supplier to encourage reduction in consumption – so together let’s bust that myth and help motivate your customers to reduce their energy/water usage and live more efficiently, so that we can all help achieve the world’s Net Zero ambitions.

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