Advizzo is delighted to have been invited to be part of a consortium of multi-sector experts that will help Southern Water deliver its Water4All scheme. The scheme aims to proactively identify and engage customers in financial vulnerability to offer them support by increasing access to social tariffs and assistance programs provided by Water Companies and their partners.

The Water4All scheme will be funded by a £20m share of Ofwat’s Water Breakthrough Challenge. The Water Breakthrough Challenge is a series of innovation competitions designed to help stimulate new innovations, enabling the water sector to better meet the evolving needs of customers, society and the environment. 

John Russell, Snr Director, Strategy, Finance and Infrastructure, Ofwat said, “Ofwat’s Innovation Fund, which provides the prize money for these competitions, exists to help stimulate new and old initiatives by water companies working in partnership with universities, charities, engineering practices and technology firms. We have much to learn from other sectors and the winners of this round of the competition showcase just how much can be achieved when we collaborate.”

Introducing Southern Water

Southern Water is one of the largest water and wastewater companies in the South East of England. It supplies 532 million liters of drinking water every day to more than two million customers and treats and recycles 717 million liters of wastewater for more than four million customers in Kent, Sussex, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.


Many water companies have specific initiatives aimed at supporting customers, but they urgently need help to better identify and support low-income and financially vulnerable households. 1 in 10 customers considers their water and sewerage bills to be unaffordable and 5 out of 6 customers who cannot afford their water bill are not receiving the help they need.

Southern Water’s Water4All scheme puts financially vulnerable customers at the heart of its solution. Through proactive identification and engagement, the scheme will help financially vulnerable households to maximize their income, reduce their bills and lower their carbon footprint.

Sagacity has delivery lead of the consortium that we are proud to be part of. The consortium also includes Equifax and Synetics Solutions, Auriga, AgilityEco and Waterwise. Together we will use our industry knowledge and data to seek and serve customers who need help most.

Project aims/goals

  • The project will engage 1.5m customers to reduce their water consumption by 2.5% and carbon emissions by a least 30m kg of CO2
  • 250,000 low income customers will be supported to increase income and reduce bills.
  • 50,000 homes of the 250,000 will receive personalized advice from an experienced adviser to help take them out of water/fuel poverty
  • Provide over £4m of efficiency measures and more than £13m in lifetime energy bill savings over three years.

Advizzo’s role

Our role in this important project is to use data science to provide customer segmentation services that will help identify Southern Water’s low income and potentially vulnerable customers. Having identified appropriate customers, our customer engagement platform will enable us to target those individuals with personalized and appropriate suggestions designed to help them reduce their consumption and their bills, as well as advice on appropriate support measures that are available to support them. Read more about how we provide proactive support for vulnerable customers

What support do you provide your financially vulnerable customers? Talk to us and find out how we can help you provide proactive support to help them reduce their bills and receive the financial assistance they need during the financial crisis.